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Raymarine LifeTag Wireless Man Overboard Monitoring System E12185

MAP: $619.99
Manufacturer: Raymarine
Manufacturer Part No: E12185
Raymarine LifeTag™ Wireless Man Overboard Monitoring System

LifeTag starter system includes 2 LifeTag Wireless Pendants, LifeTag base station, batteries, straps, alarm module, power cable and handbook.

Product Number: E12185

Raymarine LifeTag is your personal wireless man overboard system.

Utilizing the very latest in radio frequency broadcast technology, LifeTag monitors up to 16 tagged crew members ensuring they are safe and sound onboard.

Each LifeTag pendant broadcasts a unique identification code back to the LifeTag base station, telling it that its wearer is "safe."

In the event of man overboard, the link between the victim's pendant and the LifeTag base station is broken and the alarm is raised automatically onboard the boat.

The lightweight LifeTag pendant can be easily attached to your life jacket, PFD, safety harness or belt.

Its featherweight (1.5 ounces) and compact size make it unobtrusive and easy to wear.

LifeTag's state-of-the-art electronics ensure a long battery life in excess of 200 hours.

Automatic Rapid Response

In the event of an actual man overboard situation, the victim's LifeTag signal is rapidly degraded by immersion in water, or as the distance between the victim and boat increase (typically 30 feet.)

The LifeTag base station responds automatically by sounding an audible alarm onboard to roust other crew members.

Manual Activation for Onboard Emergencies

Each LifeTag is also fitted with a manual activation button.

Pressing and holding the button for three seconds will manually trigger the system.

This enables crew members to call for assistance in case of fire, flooding, medical emergency or other situations where an immediate response is needed.

SeaTalk Network Integration

LifeTag can trigger the automatic man overboard in Raymarine SeaTalk compatible chartplotters, radars and instruments.

SeaTalk network integration triggers vital actions automatically such as:

Sounding the SeaTalk network MOB alarm, providing audible and visual alerts to all stations.

Recording the GPS latitude/longitude of the MOB event, and making it the target waypoint on all connected SeaTalk devices

Displaying critical search and rescue data (SAR) including:

Boat's position at the time of the incident.

Elapsed time in the water.

Water temperature.

Bearing and range back to the MOB position.

Lowering the range scale on connected Raymarine chartplotter and radar displays to the lowest possible range scale, enhancing seeing the victim on radar and facilitating maneuvering to recover the victim.

Expandable for Bigger Boats and Larger Crews

Thanks to LifeTag's SeaTalk network integration, the system is expandable to support larger vessels or crews in excess of 16 people.

Simply add another LifeTag base station where you need additional converage, and add up to 16 additional LifeTag pendants.

System Components

LifeTag Base Station

Handles communication with each LifeTag

Outputs for external alarm siren and relay contact


12 volt DC power or can be powered by the SeaTalk network

LifeTag Base Station

LifeTag Wireless Pendant

Two included with system. Expandable to 16.

Supplied strap enables LifeTag to be fitted around the wrist, to an article of clothing or to a belt loop

Tricolor LED for status feedback

Replaceable CR2 Lithium camera batteries (supplied)

Expected battery life one year (with 200 operational hours).

Tags power on/off automatically.

LifeTag Wireless Pendant

LifeTag Alarm Module

Extra loud alarm sound

Simple 2 wire connection to base station

LifeTag Alarm Module
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